Improve Your Heater's Efficiency

When it gets cold, it takes your heater a long time to warm your home. That probably means that your heater isn't working as efficiently as it could be. Instead of putting up with the cold, turn to Patriot Repairs LLC. 

We offer heating repair services in Lafayette, LA to get your unit working. Our heating repair services can even improve your home's energy efficiency and air quality.  

Call 337-526-9432 to schedule our heating repair services today. 


Signs that you need heating repairs

It's not always easy to recognize when you need to repair your heater, but if you notice...

  • Odd smells 

  • Weird noises 

  • High energy bills 

  • Poor heating 

... it's time to call us. We'll diagnose the issue and come up with possible solutions. If your heater can't be repaired, we can install a new unit for you. Contact us now to find out about our heating repair services in Lafayette, LA.

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